Imagine that you experience fearless freedom, pure fulfilment and pleasant balance in life, because you know who you truly are and what your unique purpose is.

Imagine that you feel safe, supported and encouraged as you take bold steps in creating your desired life.  

Imagine that there is prosperity in all area's of your life, because you feel comfortable, secure and powerful while following your natural rhythm.

It is possible. In fact, all that you desire and dream of is a possible reality. An essential key in manifesting it, is the skill to play with what you feel within.

The Rhythms of Africa show you:
How to feel free in being who you truly are,
so that you can consciously manifest your 
radiant life.   

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Your radiant life

Inspired by 15 years of journeying deep within The Rhythms of Africa, transformational leader Carole Donkers (a.k.a. Kay Bright) helps you to break through the blocks that (unconsciously) prevent you from manifesting your unique, radiant life. 

If you feel ready to embark on an adventure that guides you beyond your deepest fears and frustrations, Carole helps you step by step to: 

  • Discover who you truly are as the brightest expression of your soul
  • Unlock, activate and harness your Cosmic Creation Power 
  • Consciously create and manifest your unique, radiant life in the most effective, joyful way
  • Become a transformational leader who serves with the greatest possible impact 

Are you ready?   


Back to our Roots

"The documentary Back to our Roots shares a powerful message of our time.
A time in which so many people feel confused, frustrated and powerless.

Back to our Roots is the story of one woman in search for truth.
In following Carole Donkers (a.k.a. Kay Bright) as she moves in The Rhythms of Africa,
we receive direction, answers and a bright perspective on life. 

colourful, authentic and rich portrait of life as it is in its true essence.
A story that reconnects you to your own roots."

Sandra Korse,
Soulful documentary filmmaker


Discover how The Rhythms of Africa help you 

to know who you truly are 

so that you can 
consciously manifest your radiant life

Go here to be inspired by the film 'Back to our roots' (FREE)

Online programs

Exploration journey (online)

A 6-weeks explorative journey that introduces you to what is possible when you let go of who you think you are and discover who you truly are. 

You explore how The Rhythms of Africa help you as you move through 3 energetic shifts and integrate them as a way of life. So that you feel more grounded and confident while you find your unique way in the intense processes that come with true transformation.

YOU are all you need to start creating the brightest version of your desired life.

Are you ready to explore life beyond what you know it to be? 

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Creation journey (online)

A 12-weeks experiential learning journey with focus on the process of expanding your self-consciousness. This happens while you are integrating 8-life transforming shifts in The Rhythms of Africa at the core of your being and life.

After the power of The Creator in You is activated, we create a fertile ground for a heart centered and soul led life in flow. This allows your desired life to unfold from the essence of who you truly are.

Feel supported, at peace, happy and confident as you create a life that feels (b)right for you in every moment.

Are you ready to raise your life to the next level? To become an inspiring example for others in what is possible?

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Reconnection journey (online)

A deep inner healing journey in the Wheel of Cosmology. 

The reconnection journey increases your Self-Mastery. It supports you in Mastering the Art of manifestation, as you are becoming your brightest soul's expression. In creating a life led by your Spirit (Higher Self), in alignment with Cosmic Energy and your deepest essence. In effectively managing and navigating the processes of inner (r)evolution, with the aim to continuously raise the vibration in which you are present.

The world needs you to serve with the greatest possible impact. Now is the time for embodied leadership. Now is your time to become a source of ever-expanding light, love, freedom, peace, harmony, balance and fulfillment. 

Are you willing to dive deep to rise high? Are you dedicated to do the deep inner healing work that is part of becoming the Bright World Leader you are within?

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The Rhythms of Africa guide you step by step to an authentic way of living.

Rooted in a holistic perspective in a new paradigm world, 

  • reconnects you with the true essence of life at the roots of (y)our existence
  • activates your natural intuitive, emotional and collective intelligence
  • opens your heart and lights up your soul
  • teaches you how to be an active creator and manifester of the brightest life your soul is destined to live and express itself through your unique creation(s)
  • guides you on the individual journey of reconnection with the all-encompassing Cosmic Energy
  • interconnects us as people with all life and with each other: the New Paradigm of Unity consciousness   

Let The Rhythms of Africa guide you

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