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Exploration Journey

An explorative journey in which you experience what it means
to be a conscious creator of your desired life.

We unlock and activate your inner creation power,
so that you feel more grounded and confident as you find your way
in the intense processes that come with true transformation.

Dear Explorer, 

My name is Carole Donkers (a.k.a. Kay Bright). I am one of your transformational guides in The Rhythms of Africa. I am born and raised in The Netherlands (Europe).

While growing up in Dutch society I was taught that “I” is a body that is controlled by my head. As a result, it became a pattern in my thinking, attitude and behaviour to want to know. To want to understand. To want to analyse. To want to explain. To want to plan. To focus on the facts and the figures. Wanting to solve all problems with mental concepts… Why?

It gave me the idea that we can control life with our mind.

That we can control life happenings based on what has happened in the past. That we can predict the future based on analyses. Information based on facts and figures gives a feeling of manageability, certainty and safety related to what we don’t know. At least, that is what we think... 

The Western Mind. It has its strength. Definitely.

I have come a long way with the mental intelligence of my mind. In The Rhythms of Africa, however, I also learned to see it as my greatest limitation.

Once I connected with The Rhythms of Africa, my consciousness started to expand. It felt as if I woke up from sleeping in a very limited reality.  

I could see how much I was programmed to control life with my mind. To maintain a reality of seeming certainty and safety.

I could see how I unconsciously became a prisoner of material happiness, rational thinking, linear time and planning, money, achievement, control and living up to external expectations.

The Rhythms of Africa helped me to reconnect to all other parts of me besides my mind. To the power that is naturally part of us and we are part of.

The Rhythms of Africa helped me to liberate myself from mental slavery. The mental intelligence that once was the ruling force in me, has now become a great and loyal servant of all my other inner capacities.

Life as it is now, is so incredibly bright, free, fulfilling and prosperous. 

I can only desire this for you too.

Would you like to discover the missing parts in you? Are you curious to explore all that The Rhythms of Africa can teach us about life?

The Exploration Journey is created for you.  

Exploration Journey  

The 6-weeks exploration journey is an introduction into what is possible when you let go of who you think you are and discover who you truly are. 

This journey is created to help you to get clarity on your deepest truth and highest heart’s desires. You will experience how to consciously create your life with these at the center. 

Transformational guide Carole moves with you as you go through the process of consciously creating your most burning desire in the now. In this process, you will move through 3 energetic shifts and integrate them as a way of life:

  • How to shift from working hard while living up to deadlines and external expectations, to working in optimal balance and energy, so that you become the most vibrant and productive version of you
  • How to deal with the need to control future outcomes out of fear for the unknown, so that you are comfortable in the now and the unknown and trust the natural process of life
  • How to shift your focus from being reactive to the outer world to actively using the Power of the Creator in You, so that you become a conscious creator of your desired life


Discover who you truly are as you experience the joy in true transformation. Explore life as the adventure that it is.

Make the shift

Feel safe and supported as you move through 3 energetic shifts that are essential in becoming a conscious creator of your desire life. 

Break through 

3 one-on-one sessions to help you make the shifts and integrate them. Learn how to break through any limitation and challenge. 

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Unknown power, potential and wisdom are present within you. 
Why wouldn’t you want to use all of it?

The true you is all you need to create your desired life. 

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What people say about it

"My heart and mind were transformed, refreshed and prepared to face the world with renewed energy” 

(M., Educator, Italy)

“Carole’s guidance is very special and incredibly transformative for my mental, emotional and physical well-being. In short time, I received so many important life lessons that I still keep with me. I joined out of curiosity based on the positive stories I had heard about Carole and because I wanted to overcome some personal issues.

She listened attentively, sensed the deeper meaning beneath my words and asked questions that challenged me to self-reflect. She guided me towards identifying the root causes of those issues and how to address them in my daily life.

By the end, I experienced that my heart and mind were transformed, refreshed and prepared to face the world with renewed energy.”

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