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The documentary Back to our Roots shares a powerful message of our time.
A time in which so many people feel confused, frustrated and powerless.
Because yes, what on earth is happening in the world?

Back to our Roots gives possible answers and shows direction the moment you open yourself to it.

We can do more together 

The creation of the documentary was made possible by our personal investments and by financial contributions of many crowdfunders in the Netherlands. In Ghana, we were supported by the generosity and hospitality of the people. They helped whereever they could with accommodation, food, transport, time and energy. 

We are incredibly grateful that so many supported the making of Back to our Roots.

Back to our Roots is our gift to the world.

Help us to share it with as many people as possible via this link.

A donation is highly appreciated.
It shows your support to our work and dedication to creating a brighter world for all of us.

Sandra Korse, Soulful documentary filmmaker
Carole Donkers, Transformational guide, initiator Creators 4 Humanity


A donation shows your support to our dedication in creating a brighter world for all of us. What you support:

  • The investment of time, energy and money that is attached to the production and premiere of Back to our Roots 
  • Realisation of the dreams of Creators 4 Humanity 


Do you feel called to donate more than the given amounts?
Create the desired amount via separate purchases. You can also contact us: [email protected]

The Power in Connection 

We live in a special time that asks a lot of us.
Can we continue to connect?
Can we continue to trust that everything is happening for a reason,
even if we sometimes don't see why and how?

Back to our Roots brings inspiration from life in The Rhythms of Africa.
It guides us back to the essence of what it means to be human.

Especially now, it is so important to realise this.
To realise that, despite our differences in perspective and different choices we make, we are all human. 

Are you ready?

Unknown power, potential and wisdom are present within you. 
Why wouldn’t you want to use all of it?

The true you is all you need to create your desired life. 

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This will give you the opportunity to experience the Power in our Connection.

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