Back to our Roots

For 4 months, documentary filmmaker Sandra Korse dived with us into The Rhythms of Africa. It led to the creation of Back to our Roots, 
a story about the true meaning of life.

Back to our Roots will be released on: 
Sunday, January 16th, 2022 at 3pm CET
(and available to watch for free till January 23rd, 23.59pm)

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Sneak preview



At age twelve, the Dutch born Carole Donkers (a.k.a. Kay Bright) reads the book: “Roots” about the Gambian boy Kunta Kinte. She is touched deeply by the moment he is taken away from his African continent. And she can’t stop wondering: "How must thát feel? How must it feel when you are being separated from your own roots?"

The documentary: “Back to our Roots”, tells the story of Carole as she gradually discovers the true meaning of her fascination for Kunta Kinte’s story. Discoveries that have a deep impact and change her forever.

“Back to our Roots” is a journey into the essence of humanity. Self-conscious leaders who are dedicated to creating a brighter world for all of us, share their perspectives on life.

Their wisdom portrays the authentic connection with Spirit and Mother Earth. In listening to their stories and ideas, you are invited to dive deeper and deeper into the essence of your own being.

"A colourful, authentic and rich portrait of life as it is in its true essence. A story that reconnects you to your own roots, sharing the immense value of community, so deeply longed for."

The music in the documentary is from Ghanaian singer-songwriter Wiyaala.