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Creation Journey 

An experiential learning journey that expands your self-consciousness.
This happens while you focus on integrating 8-life transforming shifts in The Rhythms of Africa at the core of your being and life.

Feel supported, at peace, happy and confident as you create a life that feels (b)right for you in every moment.

Beyond the limited mind  

Do you sometimes feel you are not fitting in?
Maybe you feel misplaced, not understood, seen or heard?
Causing you to feel lonely, lost or doubting yourself sometimes, or even regularly?

The moment you decide to take the next step in what you love to do most, you start to worry, fears pop up and get insecure, e.g. about finances. Sounds this familiar to you? 

Let The Rhythms of Africa guide you beyond the limiting voices in your mind.

Discover all that is available 

Just trust that you are so ready for a new, next phase in your life that is matching with who you truly are! But hey… that change is scary too!
We show you how to make the transition easier. 

Imagine that you experience freedom, pure fulfilment and balance in life, because you know who you truly are and why you are here. 

Imagine that you have full support and encouragement in taking bold steps in creating your desired life.  

Imagine that you are successful, because you feel comfortable, secure and powerful in what you feel called to do.  

If you feel ready to go on an adventure in your own being and life, I show you how to experience joy in facing the challenges that are part of true transformation. Making you an inspiring example for others in what is possible.

Is it time to say goodbye to the limiting voices in your head?
To discover all that is available for you?

Then the Creation Journey and I are here for you. Step by step we discover who you truly are, so that you can consciously create your brightest life.

Dear creator, 

My name is Carole Donkers (aka Kay Bright). I am one of your transformational guides in The Rhythms of Africa. I am born and raised in The Netherlands (Europe).

At the age of twelve I read the book Roots, about the life of the Gambian boy Kunta Kinte. My question: why do people in Africa need the help of ‘the West’?

I decided to go to Africa one day to find the answer. In the meantime, I dreamt of Africa as a continent with powerful people like Kunta Kinte, who are living in a world of peace and harmony.

But while growing up to adulthood the question and dream faded away. The number of times I was called a dreamer or was told that I saw things that were not real or not possible. Like it was something negative about me. An uncountable number of times.

To end the negative reactions, I stopped expressing what was within me. Instead, I started to behave as much as possible in accordance with criteria that society defined as “normal”.

And that is how I learned to adapt to external expectations from a young age. I learned to follow what other people told me is the reality, more than my inner truth.

But is that who we truly are? Is that the full potential of who we can become and what life can be? Will that lead to the brightest world we desire to live in? For ourselves, our children and future generations? 

Did you stop dreaming too? 

Our society and educational system teach the child in us to stop dreaming. To focus on gaining and reproducing rational and analytical knowledge. To work hard towards getting a diploma and building a career. To become happy through materialistic gains.

I succeeded. 

I created a picture-perfect life. I got everything I wanted. I did everything I wanted and more. I am blessed with a positive view on life, but life itself was a continuous struggle... to nowhere. I was mainly working to survive in a life that didn’t feel like mine. That I experienced as superficial and meaningless. In which I felt stuck and captured.

Until I reconnected with the child I once was. With the African dream I once had. With the deeper layer within me that I had always felt. With the inner intuitive and emotional intelligence that I had learned to ignore. To overrule with my mind.

Once I had the courage to follow my African Dream, it led to a complete shift within me and in my life. Once I connected with The Rhythms of Africa, my consciousness started to expand. It felt as if I woke up from sleeping in a very limited reality.  

Step by step, I reconnected with all my natural, inner power and learned to live with my heart at the center. 

Life feels so incredibly bright, free, fulfilling and balanced now. 

The mental intelligence that once was the ruling force in me, has become a great and loyal servant of all my other inner capacities. 

I can only desire this for you too.

With the huge difference that your journey doesn't have to be full of the struggles I had to go through. You don’t have to travel the world to find your answers (unless the depth within calls you to). 

Everything you need to create the life your desire to live, is already within you.


Based on my discoveries and steps, I love to help you to reconnect with all of it and create (y)our brightest life from it. 

Are you ready for the journey?

Step by step

Gradual, natural growth of your inner power. 10 weekly modules that guide you step by step, including private support calls. 

Break through

A 1-on-1 kick-off session and 6 sessions of group coaching (maximum 8 people). Integrate the content and break through any limitation.


Connect with other Creators.
Sharing, expressing and being recognised, accelerates your inner transformation.  

Creation Journey

A 12-weeks experiential learning journey that expands your self-consciousness. This happens while you focus on integrating 8-life transforming shifts in The Rhythms of Africa at the core of your being and life.

After the power of The Creator in You is activated, we create a fertile ground for a heart centered and soul led life in flow. This allows your unique and brightest life to unfold from the essence of who you truly are.

Feel supported, at peace, happy and confident as you create a life that feels (b)right for you in every moment.

Raise your life to the next level and become an inspiring example for others in what is possible.

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Unknown power, potential and wisdom are present within you. 
Why wouldn’t you want to use all of it?

The true you is all you need to create your desired life. 

Now is the moment to book your first Break Through Call with transformational guide Carole.

This will give you the opportunity to experience the Power in our Connection.

The moment we both get a clear 'YES!',
you know you will receive the maximum value for your investment

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What people say about it

"I now feel like I am alive"

(N., IT-professional, the Netherlands)

"Deep down I knew it was time for a change, but how to make it happen?

Carole's questions are powerful and touch you at the core. During the Creation Journey I learned to feel in possibilities instead of thinking in limitations. I received clarity on the right way for me to go in life.

I could experience that if I just take one step in that direction, other doors are always opened. I discovered that I don't need to be in a rush to get results. That the moment I create the space to focus on what I really want, the ideas start to flow and the people and resources come my way.

The group coaching was enriching. Especially being together with like-minded people with a completely different background, the open space for creation and the input from Africa.

Through the Creation Journey I discovered that I want to experience life as an adventure. And that what truly matters to me is that I am an open and honest person in my purest form.

I now feel like I am ALIVE!"

"I feel like a different person:
lighter, happier and with more energy”

(L., student, the Netherlands)

"Before the Creation Journey, I lived in my mind. I pushed myself a lot and could worry if something didn't work out the way I had planned. I set the bar high and was used to living and working with a tight schedule.

During the Creation Journey I discovered how I limited myself. If my tight schedule didn't work, I blamed myself. This led to a downward spiral, where I only got more and more stuck in my head and thoughts.

During the Creation Journey I was able to experience what it is like to be free to do what feels right. I learned that if I give myself space, I get new energy and become happier. I discovered that life is more fun when I don't make it too difficult or stressful for myself. I also learned that it is okay if I "don't know it".

I learned to work with a TODAY-list instead of a to-do list. This gave more space to focus on what I experience as joyful.

Now I give myself the space and freedom to let my feelings guide me. The question: “What do I feel I want or need now?” is leading in the way I organise my life and work. I have more confidence in the work I deliver, good is good enough.

The group coachings were inspiring and gave a confidential feeling. It was good to know that I am not alone. I found that others face similar challenges. This recognition in the other also empowered me in my own development."

"Why should I struggle to believe that a soul exists,
while I can feel it so powerfully within myself?

(N., Engineer, South-Africa)

"The Creation Journey was very fulfilling to be part of and an invaluable experience. To feel so connected while there was such diversity in ages, in  countries and in where we are in our own journey. To hear stories and troubles from the idealised Western world and from other African countries.

Personally, I got re-assurance that it is nothing weird to have soul urges and to follow these. My soul desires to move away from pushing towards results, from systems and from rules I have to live up to.

I learned that my soul is an embodiment of who I am. Why should I struggle to believe it exists, while I can feel it so powerfully within myself?

I now trust that change is part of life and that I can feel within what are the right choices to make and things to do for me."  


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