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The story

After helping thousands of people to reconnect with their inner power, potential and wisdom, I can conclude that the story behind The Rhythms of Africa is just one of many examples.

Not an example of what is wrong with people, but of what is wrong with the current paradigm that our societies and systems are built on. A paradigm that no longer serves us. 

My story is that of a human being who got lost in the illusion of life according to societal conditioning. Social conditioning that is based on a paradigm that never felt true for me. Conditioning that prevents many self-conscious leaders with a passion to serve, from thriving.

(Potential) Bright World Leaders, who are dedicated to creating a brighter world for all of us. Who realise that we have to become what we desire the world to be.

Can you imagine how much power, potential and wisdom is hidden and wasted in societies as they are today?! I can. It is too much.

Not to speak of the emotional, mental and physical problems that can come forth from experiences like my own. Too many.

Now is the time to shift the paradigm.

Who is that African girl?  

My name is Carole Donkers (aka Kay Bright and 'The White Africana'). I am one of your wayshowers and transformational guides in The Rhythms of Africa. I am born and raised in the Netherlands (Europe). Ghana (West-Africa) is where I live and work most of the time and move as I am guided to...


Why and how can Africa help us heal?

Download the mp3 audio in which Carole answers this question via her deep transformative story. 

Erik Smithuis, Netherlands

Founder ICM Opleidingen & Trainingen, Speaker, Author

“Rarely do I meet people who have and embody such a complete vision.

Carole is the living example of the creative ability and entrepreneurship I believe in for the future.”

Dana Miccuci, USA

Award winning Author, Journalist, Speaker, Healing practitioner

“Working with Carole was an honour and a joy. I found our deep 1-on-1 sessions to be enlivening and uplifting. Carole brings such passion, devotion and intelligence to everything she undertakes. And she leads authentically from her heart.

She is a radiant force of light, love and healing in the world and will be in service to many”.

Are you ready to rise?

Based on almost 15 years of diving deep into The Rhythms of Africa, I experience so much joy now the time feels right to share my discoveries and steps with you. 

Gratitude flows through me as I envision that I might be the right guide for you at this moment in your life. 

That your soul connects with mine as the one to mirror you in all that you are and capable of. 

To believe in you and to encourage you as you are paving your unique soul's pathway much faster than I ever could.  

I feel incredibly fulfilled the moment I sense that your soul lights up, that you become successful in living your deepest soul’s purpose, rising as the Bright World Leader that you are within and passing your light and learnings on to others: the ripple-effect.

You are meant to thrive. You only deserve the brightest life and the world needs the brightest version of you. 

Let The Rhythms of Africa guide you in every step!


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